The Wholesome Dollar Un-Internship

If you love the idea of working in a startup, but not sure if it’s for you, The Wholesome Dollar Un-Internship could be for you.

This is cross between an internship and a educational course, with one key difference. You’ll learn practical skills and get to implement them in a real business and see the real impact you're making.

This is an voluntary program is designed to give you an insight into startups, blogging and the world of online business.

You’ll be hands on, building a new startup from the ground up.

The program runs for 8 weeks, at 10 hours per week. 
3 hours per week face-to-face and 7 hours flexibly.

Each month you’ll be introduced to a new element of the startup community and online way of life. You’ll also be given some great recommended reading and audio if you're interested in learning more.


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