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'Kickstart Your Recipe' Recommendation Package

'Kickstart Your Recipe' Recommendation Package

With so many websites like AirBNB, Uber & Etsy out there, it can be hard to know where to start your quest to earn a Wholesome Dollar. This Kickstart Package is designed to give you personal guidance and a kickstart, with help from The Wholesome Dollar Team.

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  • $180.00

30 Minute Coaching Session

Need help with something? Book a coaching call, and we'll help you in a 30 minute call.

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  • $60.00

5 x 30 min Coaching Session Package

Looking for some more detailed guidance? Bulk buy 5 coaching sessions and save.

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  • $250.00

Latest eBook
How to Make Money (and a Whole Lot More) By Sharing

How to Make Money (and a Whole Lot More) By Sharing

Written by Claire Marshall of, and close friend of The Wholesome Dollar, this book is a great way to gain an overview of how you can start utilising the sharing economy in your life.

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  • $14.99

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No matter who you are, or what your passions, here are some books to inspire you!

Essential Business Knowledge

The world is changing quickly, and the age of the micropreneur is upon us. Regardless of your current career, or life goals, knowledge of business basics will help you go far in your quest to follow your dream.

Daring & Disruptive: Unleashing the Entrepreneur

One of my absolute favourites! Get inspired, feel empowered!

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