The 5 Key Areas to Your Platform's Success

Through our research, hands-on sharing economy experiements, UX and business experience, we have pinpointed the following important areas that are critical in your journey to Platform Success.

#1 - Education & Inspiration

With the Sharing Economy still in it's infancy, we're finding many platforms are not performing as well as they could due to a lack of understanding in the general community.

It's easy for us to understand the value of your platform as we live and breathe the sharing economy everyday. Your prospective users however, are either completely unaware of the sharing economy, or have fears, questions and worries about this new era in technology.

Educating and inspiring these newbies is the key to success, so let's work together to educate and inspire the community into action.

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#2 - Understand your target audience!

It may sound obvious, but understanding your audience really is the key to your success.

The deeper your understanding of their needs, desires, challenges and habits, the easier it will be to acquire new users, engage them and motivate them to become avid users.

For example:

  • Where are your users struggling?
  • What is your brand perception like out in the 'real world'?
  • What do your active users love about you?
  • Are you focused on the right target audience?
  • How can you serve your current userbase even better?

Given our industry experience and connections with real Sharing Economy users, we can help you gain a much deeper level of audience understanding. We're in the perfect position to work with you, your current users and potential users to understand painpoints, objections and identify opportunities for improvement.

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#3 - Acquire new users

User acquisition is one of the most challenging areas of growing a successful platform.

Knowing this, one of The Wholesome Dollar's main objectives is to help connect platforms like yours to people who are highly interested in getting involved. We offers you a range of opportunities to help you connect with new qualified leads.

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#4 - Re-Engage Inactive Users

Once you've acquired users, keeping them active and increasing their lifetime value is critical. We find it is quite common in Sharing Economy platforms, that users will sign up but then fade away without actually transacting in the platform.

We're working on some exiting programs that will help you re-engage with these audiences, and give them motivation to become and stay active.

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#5 - Platform Usability

Ensuring your platform is easy to use and enticing is really important for your Platform Success.

From time to time it's good to have a usability review from an independent reviewer. This is where we can help.

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Knowing what we know about Platforms, we’ve designed The Wholesome Dollar in a way that help you with these key areas.

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Education & Inspiration
Acquire new users
Understand your users better
Re-Engage Inactive Users
Platform Usability

We’re all here because we believe in the power of the Sharing Economy.

Let’s educate and inspire the world, and build a better world.
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