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The sharing economy is still new, so let's work together to build awareness and excitement around how people can use sharing platforms to improve their lives

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As an online educational and inspirational hub specialising in the Sharing Economy, The Wholesome Dollar offers a range of solutions designed to connect platforms like yours with new highly motivated and engaged users.

We invite you to work with us, as we raise awareness and education around the sharing economy and help change lives worldwide!

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1. Find new users for your platform

People from all over the globe come to The Wholesome Dollar to learn about new ways to earn extra income.

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2. Find, motivate and engage users

We're rolling out some exciting opportunities that will help platforms like yours find, motivate and engage with your users - new, active and inactive!

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3. Take your platform to the next level

Through our work with platforms like yours, we've identified five core elements needed for success and offer speciality services designed to help you optimise these.

The 5 Key Elements of Your Platform's Success.

Here at The Wholesome Dollar, we have a big vision of changing the lives of people all over the world by helping them engage with the sharing economy.

We know you have a great platform and we want to help people discover it.

How can we help you?

Not only do we have a great educational and inspirational hub designed to help you reach qualified users, we also have the knowledge, skills and experience you need grow your platform.

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Are you struggling to gain traction but not sure why?

Are you looking for new ways to grow your user base?

Would you like to re-engage inactive users?

Would you like to take your platform the next level?

We’re all here because we believe in the power of the Sharing Economy.

Let’s educate and inspire the world, and build a better world.
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