A bit about The Wholesome Dollar

The Wholesome Dollar in an online inspirational and educational hub site that was born out of a passion for helping people to pursue happier, more fulfilled lives using the sharing economy.

Our goals...

To help people reconnect with the community around them through the sharing economy
To empower people to improve their finances by earning money from their assets and skills.
To give people the confidence to use the sharing economy to become micropreneurs.
Help the environment by reducing consumption and utilising the sharing economy to share resources.

We achieve this through our unique user experience / framework where visitors are invited to set a goal, browse the ingredient database (directory of sharing economy platforms) and then create a recipe to achieve their goal in a fun, achievable way.

This is supported by further educational resources such as personalised online courses, free eBooks and a fun and informative social media presence.

The faces behind The Wholesome Dollar

Bec Faye

Bec has a passion for everything design, tech and startup related. She has been heavily involved in the tech industry for the past ten years working with venture capitalists, leading digital marketing teams, and supporting tech incubators.

Bec’s skills span UX design, front end development, digital marketing and business development, a unique skillset which has lead to one of Australia’s largest real estate marketplaces to use her skills for turning their data into customer insights, new improved UX and UI designed to convert. She also has deep connections into the venture capital industry through her work as Head of Digital at BlackCitrus.

In conjunction with this impressive skillset, Bec is a passionate advocate for empowering people to follow their dreams through technology and the Sharing Economy. For her The Wholesome Dollar is a way to educate, inspire and support people to discover the tangible and intangible benefits of sharing.

Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall has a passion for stories, technology and social good. She is an award-winning creative that has worked in the media for the last ten years. Over the course of her career she has directed television, worked with movie studios to promote their films and written numerous articles for media platforms like The Huffington Post and sustainability hub Collectively.

Claire fell in love with the Sharing Economy when she shared her beloved Peugeot with her neighbours and has been a passionate advocate ever since.

Recently she was a guest speaker at Sharing Economy conference Ouishare in Paris, and garnered media attention with her month long Sharing Economy Experiment in one of the world’s most expensive cities London.

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We’re all here because we believe in the power of the Sharing Economy.

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