Get paid for renting out your storage space to your neighbours.

Spacer is an online marketplace where you can rent out your spare garage, room or car park to locals around you who need extra storage or parking.

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Do you have spare space around your home or office? Spacer connects people who have space, with people who need space to store things.

Sharing unused space with your neighbours just makes sense. Many of us have assets we don't use, whether it be a garage, room, shed or carpark - Spacer can help you turn these spaces into passive income, at little effort to you.

They have hundreds of renters near you who are looking for places to store boats, cars, caravans, personal boxes and documents.


Signing up as a host is simple and free. Just:

  1. Register your details and location of your space
  2. Set the rules for your space, upload photos and set the price you want (they will guide you through all of this in the on-boarding process)
  3. Let them do the rest - they'll verify, vet and match renters for you. You set the rules, meet the potential renter and are in control. If you are happy to proceed, Spacer will collect payment and guarantee payment straight into your nominated bank account each month.

Getting started as a Renter is equally simple.

  1. Register your details and search the marketplace for suitable listings
  2. Make booking enquiry with host and arrange meeting to secure site
  3. If there is nothing suitable, log your space requirements with their Spacer Butler, who will try to match you as new listings become available

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As a host, you set the price you want for your space. Spacer will provide with you guidance as to the market price based on size, location, access and security. On average, the monthly rental for a single garage is between $175 to $300 per month.

Spacer will facilitate the payment from the renter, and guarantee payment direct into your nominated bank account. They'll just a 15% markup on your rental to cover their costs. This is charged directly to the renter.


We are passionate advocates of the sharing economy, and utilising our assets better. As cities grow upward and outward, space is becoming a premium tradeable commodity and we believe that our model provides economic as well as social benefits to our local communities.

We are a global company, with staff in Sydney, Manila, Tel Aviv, Mumbai and Silicon Valley and have global aspirations to take our model to Asia and beyond.

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Get paid for renting out your storage space to your neighbours.

Spacer is an online marketplace where you can rent out your spare garage, room or car park to locals around you who need extra storage or parking.

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